Sustainability - 7th Jun 2019

We care deeply about the natural and built heritage in Dunedin and elsewhere. Like others in NZ's visitor industry, we are working harder to ensure that we - and visitors - make a positive impact.

In December 2018 we posted on this website a news item regarding the Dunedin Wildlife Care Code City Walks was and remains a member of the DunedinHOST sustainability working group which helped devise this Code. The Code advises visitors how they can enjoy Dunedin's special places and species responsibly, and links to a number of local and national bodies which visitors may choose to support - through donations, volunteer work etc.

Wednesday, 5 June, was Arbor Day. City Walks and other volunteers joined with one of the above organisations, Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust , in a planting day at Tavora, a wildlife reserve north of Dunedin. Nurturing suitable habitat is one way we can help these penguins, which are very much endangered now and need all the support they can get.

We know that long-haul travel is a major contributor to carbon emissions - and that visitors are anxious to do what they can to mitigate this. Planting trees seems like a good idea, so we're off to plant more next week. Watch this space for updates on how you can help us sustain the environment.  

Winter season hours - 8th Apr 2019

Winter season hours Wow - our busiest-ever walk season is drawing to a close. Thanks for your support!

We will take a short holiday (13 April - 5 May), then return Monday 6 May 2019 with our (Southern Hemisphere) winter hours:

Winter hours (2019)
TWO regular departures will be offered, daily except Sundays:

The 9am Vogel Street Walk
The 10.30am Old Town Walk

As always, we may offer other walks by arrangement - but please note that we'll be 'off the grid' 13 April - 5 May and unable to respond to queries during that time.

Walk2Work Day - 28th Feb 2019

Walk2Work Day Walking is fun. It's good for you and good for the planet. Wednesday 13 March is Walk2Work Day, so grab your friends and colleagues - or go it alone - and walk to work.

Check out for more information about Walk2Work Day and some stats on the benefits of walking.

See you on the streets! 

They're here - 27th Jan 2019

They're here Lime e-scooters have taken Dunedin by storm, since their launch here just a few weeks ago. Sure, there have been some issues regarding their use, but these should be ironed out soon enough.

A perceptive article about e-scooter use in Brisbane, written by Benjamin Kaufman and Matthew Burke, appeared in the Otago Daily Times yesterday (January 26, 2019).

One aspect of all this that interests me is ownership. People seem perfectly happy to share the e-scooters - in fact, that's how the model works. Same goes with e-bike schemes in different cities. Might NZers soon give up their need to own two or three cars per family and share cars in the same way? One outcome of this would be a reduction in the number of cars on our streets. That would be good for the environment and free up space which is currently taken by roads and parking. The result could be more-liveable cities!

Dunedin Wildlife Care Code - 29th Dec 2018

Dunedin Wildlife Care Code Summer has arrived - finally! - and visitors to Dunedin will want to view Dunedin's special wildlife: think albatross, penguins, sea lions etc. That's great, but we ask that you do so responsibly.

The following link displays the Dunedin Wildlife Care Code. The Code, developed by DunedinHOST in partnership with the Dunedin City Council, DOC, the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust and others lists some Dos and Don'ts regarding the viewing of wildlife.

The Code also links to local wildlife charities which you can support, through donations, voluntary work etc.

Enjoy your time here - and help us to preserve this special place.

Happy New Year!

PS. City Walks will take a very short holiday. Walks resume on Wednesday, 2nd January 2019.  

Xmas hours - 10th Dec 2018

Xmas hours Wow, where did 2018 go?                                                           Actually, there's still time to do a walk before Christmas - but don't delay! City Walks will close December 23-25 and also December 30 - January 1. Apologies for any inconvenience, but this is special time for us to be with family. We trust that you have a wonderful New Zealand Christmas and New Year.

Summer season underway - 27th Sep 2018

Summer season underway It's game on: the summer walk season kicks off on Monday, 1st October, 2018.

What's new this season? Well, we've tweaked a few things, for example the Heritage Highlights Walk now starts at 2pm and only takes one hour. It becomes a great sightseeing option for Cruise pax, who will have ample time to do the walk and return to their ship.

The big change - and one that should interest visitors and locals alike - is the introduction of the Vogel Street Walk, a dedicated walk through Dunedin's warehouse precinct. Again it's only one hour, and it covers a relatively small area - which is mostly flat. But it's really exciting, as there has been so much positive change down there over the last decade - even over the last 12 months. This walk starts at 9am at Vogel Street Kitchen (76 Vogel Street). Like all our walks, it is offered daily EXCEPT SUNDAYS.

Dunedin is looking a treat just now, and there's every indication it'll be a bumper visitor season. Might be a great opportunity to do one of these walks now, before it gets busy!

See you on the streets! 

2018 Winter Schedule - 22nd Aug 2018

2018 Winter Schedule Techically speaking, it is still winter in Dunedin - though the weather has been mild and there is already blossom about.

The following departures will be offered through the remainder of our winter season (ie. until the end of September 2018): the Vogel Street Walk (which departs from Vogel Street Kitchen at 9am) and the Old Town Walk (which departs from the Dunedin i-Site at 10.30am). These walks are offered daily except Sundays.

Contact us if your group would like to do a walk outside these times - we'll see what we can do.


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