City Walks News Feed City Walks Otago Anniversary and Easter hours has been a bumper season so far; thank you for your support. And there&#39;s lots coming up in Dunedin, including three Ed Sheeran concerts over Easter. The city will be open, more or less, through Easter, but City Walks will be taking a breather.<br /> <br /> Specifically, there&#39;ll be NO walks from the afternoon of Friday, 23rd March (there IS a 10.30am departure that day) until the morning of Tuesday, 27th March. Walks resume with the 10.30am departure, Tuesday, 27th March.<br /> <br /> The following weekend is Easter. There&#39;ll be NO WALKS Friday, 30th April; Saturday, 31st April; Sunday, 1st April or Monday, 2nd April.<br /> <br /> Apologies if you had hoped to do a walk with us on any of these days. Our normal schedule resumes with a 10.30am departure, Tuesday, 3rd April.1521370800 Anniversary and Easter hours Away sailing! note that there&#39;ll be no walks on Wednesday, 17th January, nor at 10.30am on Thursday, 18th January.<br /> <br /> Walks will resume again at 1.30pm, Thursday, 18th January.<br /> <br /> Apologies, and thanks for thinking of City Walks.1516014000 sailing! Summer hours;re approaching the silly season. Walks are getting busy, and folks are making plans for their holidays.<br /> <br /> City Walks will continue to operate as usual, ie. departures at 10.30am, 1.30pm and 4pm, daily except Sundays. PLUS we&#39;ll be taking some holidays over Xmas and New Year. Please note the following:<br /> <br /> Christmas Eve (Sunday, 24 December) HOLIDAY<br /> Christmas Day (Monday, 25 December) HOLIDAY<br /> Boxing Day (Tuesday, 26 December) - Saturday, 30 December: walks as usual<br /> New Year&#39;s Eve (Sunday, 31 December) HOLIDAY<br /> New Year&#39;s Day (Monday, 1 January 2018) HOLIDAY<br /> Tuesday, 2 January: normal walk schedule resumes<br /> <br /> Merry Christmas to you all!1512558000 hours Fine weather set to continue the back of the hottest, driest spring on record, beautiful weather is forecast to continue.<br /> <br /> As if you needed an excuse to come for a walk.<br /> <br /> Go on, treat yourself!1512471600 weather set to continue New season underway sun is out, Dunedin is looking great, people are excited.. the 2017/18 walk season is underway!<br /> <br /> What has changed? Well, our regular departures remain the same, as does the price of our walks. It&#39;s <em>Dunedin </em>that is changing - and mostly for the good. In particular, the sensitive redevelopment of our old buildings and public spaces continues apace.<br /> <br /> Get the lowdown with us, on a guided walk!&nbsp;1506855600 season underway Oi Screenwriters! to those in town for the Screenwriting Research Network conference.<br /> <br /> Don&#39;t forget you&#39;re welcome to come along on a short form of our <a href="/pages/5/The-Walks" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:5">Old Town Walk</a>, Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th August.<br /> <br /> There are 20 spots available on each walk. The walks depart from the Dunedin i-Site Visitor Information Centre, corner George Street and the Octagon, at 10.30am.<br /> <br /> These walks will take approx. 90mins. There&#39;s no coffee or other inclusions on these two departures, which cost just $20<br /> <br /> The guide can accept cash; otherwise payment should be made at the i-Site at the start of the walk.<br /> <br /> Others are welcome along on these walks, but please note the above conditions.&nbsp;1503403200 Screenwriters! Welcome to Lions fans to Dunedin!<br /> <br /> We think you&#39;ll feel at home here. Dunedin is a great wee city: close to nature, with fine buildings, interesting history, great beer - and strong rugby pedigree. To find out more, join us on a guided walk, at 10.30am tomorrow (Tues) or Wednesday.<br /> <br /> As for the match - I think rugby will be the winner.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1497182400 to Lions fans Winter schedule May through September, we are offering one regular departure: the&nbsp;<a href="/products/1/10-30am-1-30pm-Old-Town-Walk-30-adults-5-children" data-object-ref="content/product:1">Old Town Walk</a>, which departs from the Dunedin iSite Visitor Centre at 10.30am, daily except Sundays.<br /> <br /> Dunedin is just as pretty during the winter, there&#39;s plenty going on, and we&#39;ll be in and out of buildings - so you shouldn&#39;t freeze!<br /> <br /> I do bring a few umbrellas, and some hats and gloves, along on the walk, but you should dress warmly/ bring a coat.<br /> <br /> Other departures may be possible, by prior arrangement:&nbsp;<a href="/pages/2/Contact-Bookings" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:2">Contact City Walks</a>&nbsp;(email), or text or phone us 027 356 9132 (or NZ freephone 0800 925 571).1493294400 schedule Easter hours;s always difficult to guess what is open and operating during Easter weekend, and what is not.<br /> <br /> City Walks will <em>not </em>operate Friday, 14th April, nor on Sunday, 16th April.<br /> <br /> Regular departures <em>will </em>be offered Saturday, 15th April, and on Monday, 17th April.<br /> <br /> There may be some rain over the weekend, but with the autumn colours it is very pretty in Dunedin just now and a great time to see the sights.<br /> <br /> Have a safe and happy Easter!1491998400 hours