City Walks News Feed City Walks New season underway sun is out, Dunedin is looking great, people are excited.. the 2017/18 walk season is underway!<br /> <br /> What has changed? Well, our regular departures remain the same, as does the price of our walks. It&#39;s <em>Dunedin </em>that is changing - and mostly for the good. In particular, the sensitive redevelopment of our old buildings and public spaces continues apace.<br /> <br /> Get the lowdown with us, on a guided walk!&nbsp;1506855600 season underway Oi Screenwriters! to those in town for the Screenwriting Research Network conference.<br /> <br /> Don&#39;t forget you&#39;re welcome to come along on a short form of our <a href="/pages/5/The-Walks" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:5">Old Town Walk</a>, Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th August.<br /> <br /> There are 20 spots available on each walk. The walks depart from the Dunedin i-Site Visitor Information Centre, corner George Street and the Octagon, at 10.30am.<br /> <br /> These walks will take approx. 90mins. There&#39;s no coffee or other inclusions on these two departures, which cost just $20<br /> <br /> The guide can accept cash; otherwise payment should be made at the i-Site at the start of the walk.<br /> <br /> Others are welcome along on these walks, but please note the above conditions.&nbsp;1503403200 Screenwriters! Welcome to Lions fans to Dunedin!<br /> <br /> We think you&#39;ll feel at home here. Dunedin is a great wee city: close to nature, with fine buildings, interesting history, great beer - and strong rugby pedigree. To find out more, join us on a guided walk, at 10.30am tomorrow (Tues) or Wednesday.<br /> <br /> As for the match - I think rugby will be the winner.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1497182400 to Lions fans Winter schedule May through September, we are offering one regular departure: the&nbsp;<a href="/products/1/10-30am-1-30pm-Old-Town-Walk-30-adults-5-children" data-object-ref="content/product:1">Old Town Walk</a>, which departs from the Dunedin iSite Visitor Centre at 10.30am, daily except Sundays.<br /> <br /> Dunedin is just as pretty during the winter, there&#39;s plenty going on, and we&#39;ll be in and out of buildings - so you shouldn&#39;t freeze!<br /> <br /> I do bring a few umbrellas, and some hats and gloves, along on the walk, but you should dress warmly/ bring a coat.<br /> <br /> Other departures may be possible, by prior arrangement:&nbsp;<a href="/pages/2/Contact-Bookings" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:2">Contact City Walks</a>&nbsp;(email), or text or phone us 027 356 9132 (or NZ freephone 0800 925 571).1493294400 schedule Easter hours;s always difficult to guess what is open and operating during Easter weekend, and what is not.<br /> <br /> City Walks will <em>not </em>operate Friday, 14th April, nor on Sunday, 16th April.<br /> <br /> Regular departures <em>will </em>be offered Saturday, 15th April, and on Monday, 17th April.<br /> <br /> There may be some rain over the weekend, but with the autumn colours it is very pretty in Dunedin just now and a great time to see the sights.<br /> <br /> Have a safe and happy Easter!1491998400 hours Otago Anniversary Day holiday (March 20) Folks,<br /> <br /> Monday (March 20th) is Otago Anniversary Day, a public holiday in the south.<br /> <br /> The day will mark 169 years of (colonial) settlement here. To celebrate, we&#39;ll have a holiday too.<br /> The normal walk schedule will resume Tuesday, March 21st.<br /> <br /> Cheers!&nbsp;1489662000 Anniversary Day holiday (March 20) Waitangi Day holiday (6 Feb) Day commemorates the signing in 1840 of the Treaty of Waitangi, a partnership between Maori and the (British) Crown. It&#39;s a public holiday, and the closest thing we have to a &#39;national day&#39;, so we&#39;re going sailing..<br /> <br /> Walks resume on Tuesday, 7 Feb.<br /> &nbsp;1486033200 Day holiday (6 Feb) Christmas and New Year hours;s still time to do a walk before Christmas. In fact, it&#39;s almost business as usual for us through Christmas and New Year.<br /> <br /> City Walks is closed on Xmas Day (Sunday, 25th December), New Year&#39;s Day (Sunday, 1st January 2017) and Monday, 2nd January.<br /> <br /> It&#39;s been a great 2016 for us. Merry Christmas to you all, and best wishes for 20171482318000 and New Year hours November hiatus regret to inform you that walks will not be available Tuesday 8th November - Friday 11th November. Our normal walk schedule resumes Saturday 12th November.<br /> <br /> How is your New Zealand holiday going? What has been your experience of Dunedin, and of City Walks? Feel free to share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, or review us on Trip Advisor.<br /> <br /> Safe travelling!1477998000 hiatus