City Walks News Feed City Walks Vogel Street Walk half price for TRENZ delegates Walks welcomes TRENZ delegates to Dunedin.<br /> <br /> Dunedin is a great wee city with a whole lot of charm. The best way to explore the place is with us - on foot.<br /> <br /> We&#39;re offering a special deal to TRENZ delegates this week: TRENZ delegates can do the Vogel Street Walk for just $10/ pax - that&#39;s right, half price. Please make a reservation on our <a href="/pages/2/Contact-Bookings" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:2">Contact </a>page or at the Dunedin i-Site Visitor Centre (corner of George Street and the Octagon). Tickets must be purchased before the walk: your guide can accept cash payment ($NZ please), but EFTPOS or credit card payments must be made at the i-Site.<br /> <br /> The walks take 45 mins - 1 hour, starting and finishing at Vogel Street Kitchen (76&nbsp; Vogel Street). Departure is at 9am, Monday - Saturday. Coffee is not included on the tour, but you&#39;d be silly not to have one, before or after the walk, at Vogel Street Kitchen or one of the several other groovy cafes in Vogel Street.<br /> <br /> The walk focuses on the fall and rise of Vogel Street, and recent developments across our characterful warehouse precinct.1525089600 Street Walk half price for TRENZ delegates Vogel Street Walk starts soon May 1st, 2018, we&#39;re introducing a new walk, called the Vogel Street Walk. A short walk, just 45 mins - 1 hour duration, it will detail the fall and rise of Vogel Street - and the general (re)development happening across Dunedin&#39;s characterful warehouse precinct. Certainly we&#39;ll place the area in historical context, but the focus will very much be on recent/ current/ future development down there.<br /> <br /> The walks will be offered daily except Sundays, and depart at 9am. We&#39;ll start and finish the walks at Vogel Street Kitchen (76 Vogel Street). Coffee is not included, but you might choose to grab one before or after the walk - at Vogel Street Kitchen or one of the several other great cafes on the street.<br /> <br /> For a limited time, the walks will cost just $20 (adults)/ $5 (children). As with our other walks, reservations should be made via our <a href="/pages/2/Contact-Bookings" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:2">Contact </a>&nbsp;page or at the Dunedin i-Site Visitor Centre. Tickets must be purchased before the walk. Your guide can accept cash, but EFTPOS or credit card payment must be made at the Dunedin Visitor Centre (corner of George Street and the Octagon).1524657600 Street Walk starts soon No walks ANZAC Day April (Wednesday) is ANZAC Day, the day New Zealanders and Australians set aside to commemorate the sacrifices made during the tragic Gallipoli campaign in World War One.<br /> <br /> It&#39;s a public holiday, so there&#39;ll be no walks happening. There will be a dawn service at Dunedin&#39;s Cenotaph (Queen&#39;s Gardens), at approx. 6.15am. In fact, there&#39;ll be services at dawn, or other times, at almost every settlement across New Zealand. Visitors are welcome to attend these services. Those who attend the Dunedin service may go to Toitu Museum afterwards for a warming cup of tea.1524398400 walks ANZAC Day Otago Anniversary and Easter hours has been a bumper season so far; thank you for your support. And there&#39;s lots coming up in Dunedin, including three Ed Sheeran concerts over Easter. The city will be open, more or less, through Easter, but City Walks will be taking a breather.<br /> <br /> Specifically, there&#39;ll be NO walks from the afternoon of Friday, 23rd March (there IS a 10.30am departure that day) until the morning of Tuesday, 27th March. Walks resume with the 10.30am departure, Tuesday, 27th March.<br /> <br /> The following weekend is Easter. There&#39;ll be NO WALKS Friday, 30th April; Saturday, 31st April; Sunday, 1st April or Monday, 2nd April.<br /> <br /> Apologies if you had hoped to do a walk with us on any of these days. Our normal schedule resumes with a 10.30am departure, Tuesday, 3rd April.1521370800 Anniversary and Easter hours Away sailing! note that there&#39;ll be no walks on Wednesday, 17th January, nor at 10.30am on Thursday, 18th January.<br /> <br /> Walks will resume again at 1.30pm, Thursday, 18th January.<br /> <br /> Apologies, and thanks for thinking of City Walks.1516014000 sailing! Summer hours;re approaching the silly season. Walks are getting busy, and folks are making plans for their holidays.<br /> <br /> City Walks will continue to operate as usual, ie. departures at 10.30am, 1.30pm and 4pm, daily except Sundays. PLUS we&#39;ll be taking some holidays over Xmas and New Year. Please note the following:<br /> <br /> Christmas Eve (Sunday, 24 December) HOLIDAY<br /> Christmas Day (Monday, 25 December) HOLIDAY<br /> Boxing Day (Tuesday, 26 December) - Saturday, 30 December: walks as usual<br /> New Year&#39;s Eve (Sunday, 31 December) HOLIDAY<br /> New Year&#39;s Day (Monday, 1 January 2018) HOLIDAY<br /> Tuesday, 2 January: normal walk schedule resumes<br /> <br /> Merry Christmas to you all!1512558000 hours Fine weather set to continue the back of the hottest, driest spring on record, beautiful weather is forecast to continue.<br /> <br /> As if you needed an excuse to come for a walk.<br /> <br /> Go on, treat yourself!1512471600 weather set to continue New season underway sun is out, Dunedin is looking great, people are excited.. the 2017/18 walk season is underway!<br /> <br /> What has changed? Well, our regular departures remain the same, as does the price of our walks. It&#39;s <em>Dunedin </em>that is changing - and mostly for the good. In particular, the sensitive redevelopment of our old buildings and public spaces continues apace.<br /> <br /> Get the lowdown with us, on a guided walk!&nbsp;1506855600 season underway Oi Screenwriters! to those in town for the Screenwriting Research Network conference.<br /> <br /> Don&#39;t forget you&#39;re welcome to come along on a short form of our <a href="/pages/5/The-Walks" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:5">Old Town Walk</a>, Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th August.<br /> <br /> There are 20 spots available on each walk. The walks depart from the Dunedin i-Site Visitor Information Centre, corner George Street and the Octagon, at 10.30am.<br /> <br /> These walks will take approx. 90mins. There&#39;s no coffee or other inclusions on these two departures, which cost just $20<br /> <br /> The guide can accept cash; otherwise payment should be made at the i-Site at the start of the walk.<br /> <br /> Others are welcome along on these walks, but please note the above conditions.&nbsp;1503403200 Screenwriters!