A wee peek at Dunedin

Second act

The warehouse precinct is back.

Winter Palace

The Regent Theatre, actually, on a fine winter morn. City Walks operates year round.


The Exchange. Morning. 

Planting a seed

City Walks owner/ guide Athol Parks at the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust's Tavora reserve, near Dunedin.

Concerned about your carbon footprint? Want to help us to protect our special flora and fauna? This link shows you how 

The Empire strikes back

Jon Leng and team have done a wonderful job of restoring the old Empire Hotel, Princes Street.

Getting the message out

Human dynamo Lawrie Forbes with his latest project.

Shock of the new

From e-scooters to where to go for dinner - we have it covered.

Grand dames

A fine troika of buildings, all repurposed, on Dunedin's Princes Street.

A different point of view

Looking north, towards Dunedin Railway Station.

A stone's throw from the water

Fable Hotel, Princes Street. Formerly Wain's Hotel. Facade designed by New Zealand's oldest existing architectural firm, Mason and Wales, in 1878.

Stuart Street

Louis Salmond designed these, built in 1901. Yes, there were cable-cars here!

Big shoes

Stepping out in the Joe Scott Memorial Walk, 2011.

Creative City

Creatives thrive here: the fabric sculptures are by Motoko Watanabe.

Keeping it real

Matthius Lefebvre on George Street.

Street life as it happens.


Dunedin Railway Station's fine mosaic floor.

Blessed enterprise

The pulpit, First Church.

Otago Farmers' Market

Saturdays at the Railway Station. Go before our 10.30 walk!


Dunedin Railway Station.

Tilting the scales

Saving our buildings and streetscapes.  

Success stories

Taste Nature, High Street. An ideal tenant for this sensitively redeveloped space.

Tall stories

Consultancy House, formerly The NZ Express Co. Building. Our first skyscraper. Bond Street.

What's up?

Counting down to iD Fashion Week. Dunedin has a full events calendar; we'll keep you in the loop.

Dare to dream

Pixel Pancho helps us believe.

Mother ship

Vogel Street Kitchen (76 Vogel Street). The start point of our Vogel Street Walk.

Dunedin street art

Roa's Tuatara - a symbol of renewal. 


Yes, you can surf here. 

Dunedin Courthouse

Setting an example.

The Octagon

The centre of town now.

Funky town

Busting some moves at the skate park.

Wise heads

A new use for the Stavely Building.

Flagship attraction

Dunedin Railway Station.


St Paul's Cathedral.

Art into infrastructure

Community recycling depot, Vogel Street. We talk about this on our Vogel Street and Dunedin Laneways walks.

Too Catholic?

First Church, designed by R.A.Lawson.


Raising the bar, Jetty and Vogel Streets. The ground floor is home to Heritage Coffee; we profile this space on our Vogel Street and Dunedin Laneways walks.


Porch detail, First Church.

Seasonal treats

Dunedin Botanic Garden.

Out of jail

The maximum group size on our regular walks is 10 pax, but we can do larger groups by arrangement.
Here's Athol leading his ProGuides NZ colleagues on the Vogel Street Walk. Photo by Tine Becker.

Sustainable tourism

City Walks has signed up to Tourism Industry Aotearoa's 'Sustainability Commitment'. We believe tourism should be a positive force in the community. Refer  

Romantic idyll

First Church, from Burlington Street.


A gem from Phlegm.

No Name Alley

An exciting space in the throes of renewal. The destination of our Dunedin Laneways Walk.


Out and about with a local school group. Interesting - and way more fun than sitting in a classroom.

Smooth lines

The Jetty Street flyover, under construction. 1970s.

Good bones

Dunedin's Warehouse Precinct.

Suggestions please

Help us re-imagine Dunedin's former prison.

City Walks publishing

City Walks owner/ guide Athol Parks is also a writer. He has written and published two works: Alert Level Four, a chronicle of life during New Zealand's first Covid-19 lockdown; and Japanese Gardens, pictured above. The latter may still be available at Dunedin's Toitu Museum. Ask Athol if you'd like to purchase a book. 

Toot toot

Three cheers for Josephine! The beautiful wee double-ended Fairlie had a significant birthday this year (2022). Learn more on our Old Town Walk, or visit Toitu Museum.