Changes to winter schedule

Changes to winter schedule

11th July 2024
Time travel at Dunedin Railway Station.
Time travel at Dunedin Railway Station.

Kia ora,

We may be in the depths of winter in Dunedin, but life and excitement roll on. City Walks tours will continue to operate through the winter months - with a few minor adjustments (read on).

There’ll be no tours Monday 15 July, then from Tuesday 16 July through Saturday 3 August our schedule will be as follows:

10.30am Old Town Walk

2pm Vogel Street Walk

So essentially we won’t be running the Dunedin Laneways Walk during that period, while our Vogel Street Walk will switch from 9am to 2pm. That said, the Vogel Street Walk is very similar to the Laneways Walk. Also, if you’d like to book a tour outside of those regular slots, contact us and we’ll try to work in with you.

Normal service will resume Monday 5 August.

Please remember that walks are offered daily except Sundays.