Sustainability - 7th Jun 2019

We care deeply about the natural and built heritage in Dunedin and elsewhere. Like others in NZ's visitor industry, we are working harder to ensure that we - and visitors - make a positive impact.

In December 2018 we posted on this website a news item regarding the Dunedin Wildlife Care Code City Walks was and remains a member of the DunedinHOST sustainability working group which helped devise this Code. The Code advises visitors how they can enjoy Dunedin's special places and species responsibly, and links to a number of local and national bodies which visitors may choose to support - through donations, volunteer work etc.

Wednesday, 5 June, was Arbor Day. City Walks and other volunteers joined with one of the above organisations, Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust , in a planting day at Tavora, a wildlife reserve north of Dunedin. Nurturing suitable habitat is one way we can help these penguins, which are very much endangered now and need all the support they can get.

We know that long-haul travel is a major contributor to carbon emissions - and that visitors are anxious to do what they can to mitigate this. Planting trees seems like a good idea, so we're off to plant more next week. Watch this space for updates on how you can help us sustain the environment.  

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