They're here - 27th Jan 2019

They're here Lime e-scooters have taken Dunedin by storm, since their launch here just a few weeks ago. Sure, there have been some issues regarding their use, but these should be ironed out soon enough.

A perceptive article about e-scooter use in Brisbane, written by Benjamin Kaufman and Matthew Burke, appeared in the Otago Daily Times yesterday (January 26, 2019).

One aspect of all this that interests me is ownership. People seem perfectly happy to share the e-scooters - in fact, that's how the model works. Same goes with e-bike schemes in different cities. Might NZers soon give up their need to own two or three cars per family and share cars in the same way? One outcome of this would be a reduction in the number of cars on our streets. That would be good for the environment and free up space which is currently taken by roads and parking. The result could be more-liveable cities!

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