Covid-19 requirements

Covid-19 requirements

10th December 2022

Covid-19 is still (December 2022) circulating in the community, but there are few Covid-related restrictions in NZ now - and none apply in our tour settings. Walkers are no longer obliged to wear facemasks, for example.

Common sense, preparation and good hygiene all remain important, however. We trust that everyone on our walks is vaccinated, has had their booster shots, is feeling well and is not supposed to be isolating. Folks who would like to wear facemasks are encouraged and supported to do so (we carry extra masks if you need one). We also carry hand sanitizer, though places we visit often have their own sanitizer at point-of-entry - and we encourage you to use it.

Please maintain a little space from other people - especially those outside your group - and sneeze into tissues, a handkerchief or your elbow, if necessary.

Thank you!